Centering the Seasons in Your Practice: A Process for Checking In

Sweet listeners, hello!

I’m so happy to be back with another seasonal check-in. We’re moving from the light and heat of summer into the dry, chill of autumn here in the Pacific Northwest, and my practice is changing along with the season. Today’s episode gives a process for looking back to the lessons of the previous season and tools for looking forward to the current and incoming season to make the most of your efforts and the current elemental alchemy.

I think this episode dovetails nicely with our chat last week about the practice notebook. What do you think?

Thanks to everyone who shared impressions about the practice notebook. I find my own to be so very helpful and am happy to hear so many of you make this a part of your practice rhythm.

Southern Hemisphere listeners: I see you! I love you! You are transitioning from Winter to Spring, and I’m sure your practice inklings and intuitions will reflect that. My seasonal check-ins are some of my most requested topics, so I’ll share a whole archive of them below.

I’d love to hear how you are transitioning to the new season. What are you looking forward to? What feels challenging?

Thank you for being here. LOVE to all, kelly


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