Samadhi Rush Episode 177// Seasonal Check-in

Hello Sweet Family,

As we tend to do during seasonal shifts, today’s podcast focuses on reflecting on the past season and looking forward to the next. During the coming days leading up to the Solstice, consider the following:

  • What daily rituals and rhythms have you leaned into during the previous season?
  • How did they feel? How did they serve you and your community? What worked well? What was less useful?
  • What visions do you have for the coming season with respect to health, service, communication?
  • What values or heart-codes do you hold most dear? How can you act in alignment with those?

I’m interested in what you discover during this practice, so please reach out and connect. Please email, phone or schedule a Skype session to talk about rituals, habits and values.


  • My ONLINE YOGA SHOP is open. You can purchase past At-Home Retreats, Coursesand Guided Meditations. SQUEEE! Excited!
  • Begin Where You Are is a workshop all about creating the fundamentals of healthy habits. On Sunday, January 10, from 2-5 at Yoga Refuge. In a supportive, gentle environment, we will identify the habits students would like to establish, pinpoint potential obstacles to those habits and create systems to assist in the development of the habits.
  • Welcome to Yoga is the yoga foundations class I have ALWAYS wanted! This series is an introduction to a complete yoga practice at LOVE HIVE YOGA. In 5 weeks, we will study the foundations of level 1 postures: standing, forward folding, balancing, back-bending, twisting and inverting in addition to a broader inquiry into breath-based practice, reverent quietude and self-study in a supportive, interactive environment. This course emphasizes inner alignment (proprioception) and spinal integrity. Beginnners of all levels are welcome. Course includes written materials, audio downloads and the occasional video for home-practice support.
  • I have space for a few new private clients in January. Email me to schedule a Skype session to talk if you are interested. LOVE.


Keep in touch. Stay close. I love you, and I love hearing from you.


If you enjoy this podcast, please consider making a one-time or recurring donation (scroll down for all of the options:sweet-heart, soul-heart, beloved & moon of my life) to help pay the bills (web-hosting, audio-hosting, recording equipment, etc.). I am grateful for your contributions. They allow me to continue to do the work I love here for the people I love (you). Supporters receive extra goodies every month. xo


You can listen right here by pressing play. You can download this class to your favorite device here. You can listen in any podcast application by searching for “samadhi rush”. Subscribing makes this super-easy.

LOVE LOVE you. THANK you for being here.


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