Samadhi Rush Episode 187// The Paradox of Flexibility with Renee Sills

Sweet Beloveds,
Welcome to episode 187.
I am SO excited to share this episode with you:: thrilled to be in conversation again with renee sills.
renee was first on the podcast for episode 109, when we spoke about the evolution of practice, kaivalya and the moon.
Today, we begin with a conversation about joint hypermobility that moves toward the subtle, into a conversation about the culture of yoga and sex. So good.
So grateful for renee’s voice and work. So grateful for the conversation.

renee sills// sola school

More about our guest:

Renee has been teaching yoga since 2004 and is the co-founder and co-director of Sola School of Contemplative Arts, a somatics and mindfulness-based yoga teacher training program that has a strong focus on accessibility and social justice. Regardless of style or level she teaches with an embodied knowledge of anatomy and physiology and works with individuals to cultivate efficient, adaptive and supportive posture and movement practices that are challenging, therapeutic and transformational. She approaches her work with gentleness, humor and curiosity and she strives to offer movement and mindfulness practices that are opportunities to understand the inherent beauty and potential in all bodies.

Renee is a certified Somatic Movement Educator and a registered yoga therapist with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists.) Renee has been a dedicated student of yoga and movement therapies since 2000 and continues to study with her principle teachers; Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Amy Matthews, and Todd Jackson.

Renee is also an MFA candidate in Art & Social Practice at Portland State University. Her graduate research is developing as a synthesis of techniques for physical conditioning; kinesthetic and emotional awareness; environmental awareness; and participatory experiences with diverse audiences. She is using her background of somatic intelligence, performance, and new media to create collaborative and evolving choreographies that seek to both express and understand questions of purpose, power and politics.

Also, so happy and grateful for the community we’ve created in the whole yoga immersion. thanks to those of you who are in that lab of love and learning this session. for those interested in future gatherings, we will begin again in september with an exploration of the yoga sutras. stay tuned.
also on the horizon:

  • early morning hatha immersion at yoga refuge in april,
  • bliss lab at love hive in may,
  • meditation foundations at yoga refuge in may and
  • Save the date for a deep retreat in sedona october 13-16. space will be limited to 12.

love you.


Keep in touch. Stay close. I love you, and I love hearing from you.


You can listen right here by pressing play. You can download this class to your favorite device here. You can listen in any podcast application by searching for “samadhi rush”. Subscribing makes this super-easy.


Topics discussed in this podcast:

Stars, space and sex.  The paradox of flexibility in yoga.
Conscious rest.
Parasympathetic nervous system activation.
Adrenalin overload.
Vata imbalance.

Relationships. Boundaries.

Interoception. Proprioception.

Experimentation and flexibility// Steadiness and rigidity.

Rajas. Sex.

EARTH and gravity.

Resting in containment.

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