Samadhi Rush Episode 148// The Yoga of Smell

pratyahara// smell// subtle realm// yoga

Hello sweet-ones,

So happy to be here together today. Here’s to our second week of twice-weekly podcasts. Episode 148 of Samadhi Rush is a discussion and short pratyahara practice. In this episode, I chat about the significance of our sense of smell in the practice of yoga.
The podcast examines physiology, psychology, subtle anatomy and yoga philosophy on the power of smell.
We dive into muladhara chakra, the vrittis, the kleshas and pratyahara.
So happy to have you here for our second week of twice-weekly posts.

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Books I like about the chakras:
Tantra: The Path of Ecstacy, by Georg Feuerstein
Chakras: Energy Centers for Transformation, by Harish Johari
Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as Path to the Self, by Anodea Judith

The science of smell on Samadhi Rush

I ADORE hearing from you all. Your stories of slow, subtle, RADICAL transformation are the nectar of the universe. Thank you.
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What are your most evocative smells?

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