Episode 130// In Conversation with Kate Holly of Yoga Refuge

In Conversation with Kate Holly of Yoga Refuge

Hello loves,

Today’s episode is a sweet conversation with Kate Holly of Yoga Refuge. So happy to share it with you.


You can listen here. You can also listen directly from any podcast app by searching for “sunrose yoga” or “samadhi rush” and subscribing. Subscribing means you’ll get episodes as soon as I release them without having to search.

About Kate:

Kate Holly is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, mother, theater artist and founder of Yoga Refuge.  She became a yoga teacher in 2004 after completing teacher training at the Movement Center, and has since studied with many influential teachers, including Richard Freeman, Paul Grilley, Noah Maze, Ada Lusardi, Todd Jackson and Sarahjoy Marsh.  Her classes focus on finding alignment from the inside out, with the ultimate goal of self-knowledge and self-love.  Her yoga is modern, accessible and focused on the unique interaction of each individual to their own practice.  She holds an MFA in Contemporary Performance from the Buddhist-inspired Naropa University, and is currently completing a 500-hr Yoga Therapy Training at the DAYA Foundation.


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thanksLOVE you all.

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