Episode 123// Conversation with Andrea Sanders of Awake Tribe

Hello Dearest Sweets,

Episode 123 of Sunrose Yoga is a conversation with Andrea Sanders. I have known Andrea for years, since we were both living in Seattle, and it was really fun to talk about practice and projects together.

Andrea calls herself a “self-taught soul navigator.” She has traveled around the globe, worked directly with the public in sharing conservation efforts in the marine & zoological fields, and studied and trained extensively with amazing teachers under the sophisticated traditions of Buddhism and Yoga. She supports individuals in understanding more about themselves and how they connect to their world. Andrea also encourages social responsibility, day to day mindfulness, attention, and physical wellness. She helps to inspire a lifestyle that is vibrant and alive. She offers practical and supportive guidance for living life with less stress, more connection, and greater passion.

Learn more about Andrea at Sutra Project and connect with her on Instagram.

Sunrose Yoga Podcast// Online Yoga with Kelly Sunrose// Episode 123


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