I Am This Way On Purpose// You Are Your Own Medicine, My Teaching Manifesto

Let me be clear: I might not be the teacher for you.

I won’t tell you what to do.

I won’t micro-manage your experience.

I won’t push you to “nail” a pose.

Because your practice is so much more than a shape. Your practice is your life.

I will invite you to move your body in ways intended to support, inspire and restore you, and I will encourage you to find your own way of moving.

I will suggest methods that I have found to be helpful or transformative, and I will ask you to rely on your own experience to evaluate those practices.

I will ask you to dig deeply, to see the yoga in your moment-to-moment experience as a human being, to know the yoga beyond the pose.

And this is not an accident. I didn’t just fall into this way of being or teaching. It’s on purpose. It’s my conscious response to a culture that considers corporations people, manufactures consent and is generally over-worked, over-spent and under-nourished.

You are your own medicine.

There is infinite wisdom in your own experience. And I am here to support you as you move from a place of strung-out exhaustion to liberating peace, from a place of under-nourishment to sweet abundance. We are all in this together.

If this sounds like the music you’ve been waiting to hear, the medicine you have been waiting to soak in, then let’s do this.

Reveal your sacred nature.


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