Episode 110// Interview with Sarasvati Hewitt

Beloveds, I am so jazzed to share this deep conversation with Sarasvati Hewitt. We go there. This is REAL talk about life and yoga. She shares openly, candidly. And for that I am super grateful.

Photo by Lindsey Bolling
Photo by Lindsey Bolling

Sarasvati Hewitt

sarasvati is a force of nature.
she flows like a river.
she is a mother, a yogini, a student of neuroscience and an absolute advocate for yoga’s life-changing potential.

Sarasvati was born in Ketchikan Alaska. She started dancing at age 4. She started studying anatomy at 16. At age 19, she took her first yoga class. By 23 she was teaching. Sarasvati received her 200 hr teacher-training from Bob Smith and Ki McGraw at Hatha Yoga Center in Seattle and at their school in Bali Indonesia. She spent four months in India traveling and learning. Sarasvati has taught for over ten years and  to students from age 4 to 94  throughout Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii in private, class, school, event and university settings. She recently studied Neuroscience, mindfulness and modern yoga for trauma with Dr. Jim Hopper and Dana Moore at Kripalu. Sarasvati will be attending Portland State University in the fall to study Interpersonal Neurobiology. She currently teaches yoga in Portland Oregon when she’s not hanging out with her rad family. Learn more about this amazing yogini at sarasvatihewitt.com.

In this conversation, Sarasvati and I talk about a bunch of people, books and resources.

I am so grateful to share these conversations with you.

Sarasvati and I talk a lot about how yoga changes lives.

How has yoga changed YOUR life?

Please share your story here or via email (sunroseyoga@gmail.com) or phone (503)283-2599


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