Episode 109// Renee Sills– Illuminations on Practice

Hello beloveds,

Today, a sweetly spacious conversation with Renee Sills. We gathered in my living room last week and shared a discussion about the evolution of her practice, becoming an authentic teacher and the point of yoga over a cup of tea.

My hope is to share more of these conversations with you.

And I would love to hear your story.

If you care to share, please do email me at sunroseyoga@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at (503)283-2599.



renee sills


My guest, Renee Sills teaches a variety of yoga styles to a wide-range of practitioner ability and preference. Regardless of style or level she teaches with an embodied knowledge of anatomy and physiology and works with individuals to cultivate efficient, adaptive and supportive posture and movement practices that are challenging, therapeutic and transformational. She approaches her work with gentleness, humor and curiosity and she strives to offer movement and mindfulness practices that are opportunities to understand the inherent beauty and potential in all bodies.
Along with teaching group and individual movement classes, Renee also teaches experiential anatomy to all sorts of kinesthetic learners who are interested in learning functional and efficient movement as well as what all the parts are named and how they work. Renee regularly teaches experiential anatomy to yoga teachers, body workers, physical trainers, athletes and other movement professionals as well as anatomy students (or just those who are curious) who are seeking a different style of learning. Renee offers experiential anatomy module trainings as supplements for yoga teacher trainings and other bodywork programs.
Renee is a certified Somatic Movement Educator and a registered yoga therapist with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists.) She has completed over 1000 hours of certification and training with her principle teachers including Richard Freeman, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen and Amy Matthews. Renee is a graduate of the Somatic Movement Educator program and the Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga program at The School for Body-Mind Centering. Renee has also completed 7 years of apprenticeship in dance therapy and leadership with Melissa Michaels and is on faculty for Surfing The Creative™, a movement-based rights of passage summer program and youth leadership camp.
Renee continues to study with her teachers including Body-Mind Centering, yoga and anatomy with Amy Matthews whom she assists in the Embodied Anatomy and Yoga program in Portland, OR, Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen and yoga with Todd Jackson of Portland Yoga Arts.
Learn more about Renee at her website: http://reneesills.com/
In this conversation, Renee talks about:
Thank you so much for listening.
Thank you for being part of this community.
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