PADA// a process for finding your feet

Beloved listeners,

I’m so happy you’re here. Thank you for listening.

Today’s episode is a mini-workshop all about the feet, but it’s not just about the feet: in this episode a share a process for engaging with a topic and diving in using your full self. In this episode, I use the Koshas as our map of human experience, but you can use whatever model that works for you. (I’ll share more in the future.)

As a review, the Koshas are described in the Upanishads, a collection of writings describing states of being, practices, teachings and wisdom.

The koshas (sheaths) are layers of being that range from the gross to the subtle and back again.

[illustration of koshas as concentric pentagons: pink, orange, green, turquoise and purple labelled in black.]

In this episode, I describe ways of getting to know, supporting and honoring our “feet” (physical and figurative).

I made us a little workbook to support this learning. (This is for personal use only. Please do not share.)

Once I finished recording, I realized that I forgot to include the movement practice in this podcast, so I’m sharing a link to a class I already recorded. You can experience that right here (this is a class available at the FREE level in the Wildcat Yoga Club.

  • If you are interested in deepening your relationship with the subtle body, I have a self-paced, fully downloadable course here.


LISTEN// watch

You can listen here or where ever you find your podcasts. Here’s a link to the episode on Spotify.

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[id: video of podcast; kelly facing camera in her home studio.]

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