Kavita Macmillan// Devotion and Sound

Beloveds, Sat Nam!

I’m so honored to share today’s episode with you. My guest is my friend and teacher Kavita Macmillan. One of my greatest treasures from embarking on this practice twenty-two years ago is the amazing people who have crossed my path, taken me under their wings and offered the gift of friendship. Kavita and I met when I returned to teaching after Oona (my oldest child) was born. She and I taught in a sweet studio in the St. John’s neighborhood of Portland, first called Heart Fire, now called Shanti Om (I interviewed Shanti’s owner, Bhakti, a few years back.). Kavita is a dedicated practitioner and true soul. So happy to introduce her to you.

With all love, Kelly

kavita macmillan playing harmonium.

More about Kavita

Kavita Kat Macmillan is a devotional musician & yoga instructor who brings over 20 years of teaching, sharing kirtan & study of nada (sound) yoga to her classes and offerings.  Kavita’s ‘Open Heart Kirtan’ presents traditional mantras in original compositions with Western and Indian influences.  Through her musical offerings, yoga asana classes & ‘Open your Voice ~ Open your Heart’ workshops Kavita guides students towards authentic voice & movement focused on letting go of patterns that get in the way of artistic expression.   Kavita recently released a new single “Take My Hand” featuring vocals by bhakti legend Jai Uttal.   Kavita facilitates at retreats, workshops, private & group classes & spiritual festivals.  Learn more about Kavita and her work at www.openheartkirtan.com


LOVE TO ALL, kelly

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