Devon Riley / Self-Trust & Embodiment

Hello Beauties,

It is such a treat to introduce today’s guest: Devon Riley.

In her own words, Devon practices and teaches yoga, writes, parents, reads books, makes photographs, grows food and flowers, and cooks dinner daily. She is a modern Buddhist, an intersectional feminist, and a talker.

Devon’s teaching—and her own embodied awareness practice—emphasizes practical, physical skills for connecting with inner and outer support, noticing and integrating creative responses to discomfort, and reaching beyond cyclic self-talk to establish safe spaces of self-trust. She says, “I work hard to stay steady in my skin while making space for people where they are, as they are, to show up as they can.”

Learn more about Devon at her site: Practice with Devon.

Of course she is the perfect fit for the conversations we have around here.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you, Devon, for sharing your-self.


You can download this conversation to any device by clicking here.


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Thank you for being here. LOVE.


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