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Tenderness Gentleness Softness Meditation

Hi Friends,

Today’s episode builds on last week’s talk about surviving election season and other turbulent times. In this episode of Yoked, we practice holding ourselves and each other in a web of tenderness, gentleness and softness.

In today’s episode, we’ll build on the work we did last week. Often in times of conflict, high emotion and change, we feel isolated. We feel isolated from our environment, we feel isolated from our shared humanity, we can even feel isolated from the people we know and love. This episode features a meditation practice to remind us of our connection. No matter what. You might even sit outside while you are using this tool.

I’d like to thank Taylor Nehrling for suggesting this episode. Taylor wrote to me this week asking for a practice to unify our thoughts and intentions around  “a positive and progressive future for our country.” Thank you so much for writing, Taylor.

If you have a suggestion, request or question, please do connect by emailing me at sunroseyoga@gmail.com.

Thanks for listening.

All love, Kelly



You can download this episode right here.


What is coming up in your practice these days? Do tell. Where are you hoping our next retreat will be?  What are your questions and thoughts about practice moving into the new season? Share! I love hearing from everyone in the community and can’t wait to connect even MORE.

Keep in touch. Stay close. I love you, and I love hearing from you.


  • The Sunrose Yoga Shop is full of offerings to support your practice: guided meditations, courses, books. Check it out. Check it innnnnn.
  • HOT OFF THE PRESS! I’m teaching at the Sedona Yoga Festival in March! Hope to see some of you there.
  • OUR NEXT Mini-Retreat is Happening in PORTLAND on February 18, 2017: a day of yoga, delicious food and a trip to the sauna. Mark your calendars. Space will be extremely limited.
  • OUR NEXT IMMERSION begins in APRIL: BECOMING WHO YOU ARE// The Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita. 8 weeks. STOKED.
  • I’m hard at work constructing the WILDCAT YOGA CLUB. This is our online space for practice-study and connection. When the clubhouse opens, you’ll have access to yoga classes, tutorials, lectures, video blogs and monthly online group meditations. To receive your invitation, sign up here.


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