Ask a Yogini: How can I keep it together until the election?

Hi Sangha (crew/ squad/ family),

Super stoked to be together today. Today’s podcast marks the second in a new series I’m sharing called “Ask a Yogini”. In these segments, we’ll field questions or curiosities that have been coming up in class, in conversation or in the form of a direct question. I’m taking on today’s question solo, but I plan to share these with guests in the future. Stay tuned! If you have a question or curiosity, OR are interested in being a guest expert, send me an email: Thanks!

Today’s question is written by me (hi!), but has been asked by about 7 different students in classes this week:

Dear Kelly,
I’m freaking out about the election. On the one-hand, I want to stay informed and also share my views on issues. On the other-hand, the ads, news coverage and all of it are driving me crazy. What can I do?
Engaged, but Exhausted Yogi

This is a hot topic right now in the US, because we are in the final stretch before the presidential election, but everything I’m about to write/ tell you applies to any high-stress, high-stakes, high-emotion scenario.

First, I think it is useful and important to acknowledge that it is totally normal to feel overwhelmed or exhausted. Step away from Facebook and get yourself in touch with nature, if just by turning your face towards the sun.

Second, I think it is equally useful to invite yourself to engage completely with your emotions and physical feelings. To become super curious about what you feel, where you feel it, what else comes with it?

Third, turn this into an opportunity for self-study: Svadhyaya. Maybe ask:

  1. Why am I upset?
  2. What need am I trying to fulfill through this engagement?
  3.  What am I afraid of? What if I can hold space for the possibility that my fears are unfounded.
  4. What deeper value am I protecting with this view? Is this deeper value worth protecting?
  5. If no, it’s okay. You can change. Now begins again with every breath.
  6. If yes, how can you stay as relaxed as possible to do the good work even within the upset? Start to notice what systems work for you.

Finally, TAKE ACTION. Getting out of your head and on your feet or in your voice takes things out of the airy-spacey mental realm and into the dense. This will feel more productive and less dis-empowering. Get up.

How are you holding up? What are you feeling passionate about lately and how are you staying relaxed so that you can do the good work?

Thank you for being here.

Got a question? Ask away! Got answers? SHARE THEM! Or email me and let’s do a panel discussion.



What is coming up in your practice these days? Do tell. Where are you hoping our next retreat will be?  What are your questions and thoughts about practice moving into the new season? Share! I love hearing from everyone in the community and can’t wait to connect even MORE.

Keep in touch. Stay close. I love you, and I love hearing from you.


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