Samadhi Rush Episode 195// Laura Jane, The Yoga Muse

Sweet doves,
Today’s episode features a conversation with Laura Jane, The Yoga Muse.
Thank you so much for being here.


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About our guest:

samadhi rush | wild & serene. radiant living!

Laura Jane, evolving as the Yoga Muse, brings a unique, inspiring, expansive blend of therapeutic yoga, psychology and feel-good meditation. Laura Jane teaches, speaks, creates and writes about topics like FLOW, Alignment and loving life through a Yoga Lifestyle. LJ empowers ready individuals with the tools to integrate and simplify transformative Yoga psychology, yoga perspectives + yoga practices to tune in and tune up in body, mind and spirit.  LJ always emphasizes building personalized home practices for everyday life; she teaches + shares through LIVE + ON line workshops, classes, personalized sessions and family style retreats. Laura Jane is the author of two Yoga Lifestyle + Practice books: Feel Better NOW and Simple Everyday Prenatal Radiance, both available on Amazon. LJ has a growing online learning community, and creates videos, audios and media to spread the joys of yoga therapy and yoga lifestyle. With an MA in Psychology, certified and teaching Yoga since 2000, LJ developed her alignment + personalized practice expertise as a therapist for 6 years with the Pain-Free Egoscue Method Clinics.  Now integrating all of this as YOGA THERAPY,LJ works with individuals and groups ready to OWN IT~ ready to LOVE life and feel better, now. Laura Jane is a homeschooling Mom of two awesome kids, and lives in Huntington Beach with her techy-restauranteur hubby, Greg, the kids and four sweet, cuddly cats. You can learn more about LJ and connect with her books, Facebook, Youtube channels and more at
Thank you, Laura Jane!


Keep in touch. Stay close. I love you, and I love hearing from you.


You can listen online here. You can download to your favorite device or computer right here. Find us and subscribe in any podcast app by searching for “samadhi rush”.Thanks for being here.LOVE. love. love.



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