Keeping it Simple and Still Stretching Yourself

Hello Dear Listeners,

So happy to be back together. This episode of Yoked features a Q&A session (Satsang, in the Yoga tradition) from the Wildcat Yoga Club about how to keep it simple, or avoid overwhelm, while incorporating yoga into your whole life. It is such a great question, framed in this iteration by our community member Tracy.

I’m curious: what came up for you in the mapping session I shared in our last episode? Do tell.


  • How do YOU keep things simple, while still inviting growth in your life?
  • How do you give yourself time to integrate the teachings after a workshop, immersion or training before diving into the next thing?


  • Yoga teachers, I’m putting together a panel discussion about Yoga teacher burnout. Would you like to participate? Please send an email my way or connect via the comment form on this site. (Thank you so much in advance.)

Thank you for being here.

With all love, kelly




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