Dionne Elizabeth / YOU BELONG

I am just out-of-control excited to share this episode with you. My guest, Dionne Elizabeth, is a long-time internet friend of mine. She and I become friends before social media, when we were blogging about yoga and art. Just making things and putting them out there. I’ve watched this yogini grow and evolve, and I am simply THRILLED to share her voice on this podcast.

Thank you so much, Dionne.

And thank you all for listening.


You can download this episode to any device by clicking here.

More about Dionne:

Based between the UK and Norway, Dionne is a creative coach, yoga and meditation teacher, dj, writer, spacemaking event maker, but above all, a human being that loves life, good vibes and feelings. She also loves movement, memes, music, food, words, self care, colour, creating spaces that didnt exist before, cultivating community, collecting inspiration, explorations and adventures.

Most of all, she loves sharing combos of these things in ways that are REAL and FUN with GOOD people. Real people. Who are also curious and interested in ways to make life better, more inspired, more abundant, more in-flow. In whatever ways that work for them.

She runs community events, retreats and experiences in both countries and beyond (thanks, internet!) as well as working one to one with creative coaching clients all over the world.

You can find out more about her work via: dionne.space

& on social media:

Instagram: instagram.com/dionne_______ (seven underscores!)

Youtube: youtube.com/dionneyoga (weekly yoga vids mostly and curating musical inspo and 70s/80s style icons)

Facebook: facebook.com/dionne.space

Twitter: twitter.com/dionne_


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    Thank you for being here. LOVE.

2 thoughts on “Dionne Elizabeth / YOU BELONG

  1. Such a deeply moving episode that speaks to so many areas of life beyond yoga. Dionne is a strong and beautiful human being


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