Let’s Talk with Margaret Jacobsen

Today’s podcast features a conversation I had with Margaret Jacobsen about self-care. We delve into the ways we care for ourselves as mothers, activists and humans. Margaret talks about the importance of safe spaces specifically for people of color. They share a perspective that is at once realist and (yet) full of hope. Margaret inspires me every day. I think this is an important conversation, and I’m really grateful you are here listening.

Thank you. Thank you, Margaret.

YOKED podcast

More about our guest:

Margaret is a writer + artist + organizer, living, and growing in Portland Oregon. They have mothered two children, raising two cats, and wishing they had 5 dogs. They love people, but also love their bed just as much. Wine is their best friend, and they identify as a plant person.

Margret is an organizer of Black Self-Care Day and Black & Latinx Self-Care Day here in Portland. They also organize “Let’s Talk” — “a discussion and activist group that was born out of the idea of taking discussions about politics and race off of the internet. Doing it face to face. To humanize each other. To support each other. To help other organizations within our communities, and to stretch and grow personally.”

Margaret is hoping to expand the reach of Let’s Talk. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to Margaret:
Web: margaretjacobsen.com.
Instagram: @margejacobsen.

Thank you so much to Margaret for being here and to you for listening.


Thanks for listening everyone.


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